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The right strap. Right length. Every time!

AliStrap is a multipurpose positioning strap with a self-adhering, back-to-back hook-and-loop closure that does not leave behind sticky, bacteria-trapping residue.

AliStrap is the most versatile hook-and-loop strap, offering hundreds of uses to secure, immobilize, or position patients, equipment, tubing, and more.

  • Skin-safe, soft edges, strong closure
  • Five width options, including our 10"W Maxx for stabilizing even your largest patients
  • Perfect for single use, preventing cross-contamination
  • Economical and disposable


AliStrap Soft
A gentler, smoother alternative to abrasive straps, combining the strength and security of our AliStrap with a softer, fuller padded surface that is gentler against sensitive or fragile skin.

  • Gently yet securely stabilize patients with at-risk skin during surgery, imaging, and other procedures
  • Padded with soft edges
  • Available in two widths